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Sunset at the beach



We have had to endure some very Devon weather the last week or so. Fog, rain, wind, mist, and hail, often in the same day. This afternoon the skies finally cleared, so we headed for the beach to watch the sun set.




Woolacombe beach is backed by high sand dunes which are fun to walk or run down, but much less fun to climb back up!




There were a few other folk on the beach, but with miles of beach to share, they weren’t very noticeable!




The patterns on the damp sand vary hugely every time I go down. Today they were fine, flat, angular wrinkles, but sometimes there are deep, curved ridges.




What a peaceful place for a late afternoon stroll.




One of the reasons that Woolacombe is not busier is that much of the length of the beach is protected from development by this high ridge, with just a dead end road along it providing access and parking.




The sun started to descend right over the low outline of Lundy.




A cloud bank on the horizon hid the moment that the sun finally set, but it was still a glorious sight.




As we left the beach, there were only a couple of folk still enjoying the solitude.




Sunset in Ilfracombe

I am a bit restricted as to activities at the moment as I have a slight knee strain, but yesterday I was getting a touch of cabin fever, so we decided that a gentle stroll on level ground would do no harm.

Ilfracombe was buzzing with holidaymakers in convivial mood, despite the chilly evening. Down a back street near the sea, this ‘teenage’ herring gull was calling for its parents to feed it, despite looking quite grown up enough to fend for itself, and wasn’t scared off by us at all.




We explored some areas along the seafront that we hadn’t explored before, and ended up by the harbour for the obligatory delicious ice cream (caramel for me, pistachio for him).




And joy of joys, the fudge shop was still open, so we were able to buy a little bag each (Jack Daniels flavour for me, salted caramel for him).




We watched the sun set, then meandered back slowly, absorbing the atmosphere.




A very pleasant evening, and one to be repeated, I am sure.


A Saturday night on the town…

Our idea of a night out is watching the sun set into the sea, preferably with a glass of something in hand. With that in mind, we set off in the early evening to Combe Martin. It’s a funny little place on the North coast, with a narrow, muddy beach that isn’t very special, but at low tide there are some interesting rocks and rock pools to explore.




Set into the layers of tilted rock are some caves that must be great fun for children to explore.




We had a good wander around the rocks, and saw little fish and crabs in the rockpools. We finished our walk at the pub at the top of the beach, and sat on the terrace with a glass of cider, and watched the sun set. It was just lovely.








We watched this cargo ship heading across towards the setting sun, wondering if it would make it past before the sun set. And it did – just!





Sunset Stroll

We have been here over a week now, and today was the first day it didn’t rain! There is a reason Devon has green fields and lovely gushing rivers! This morning was taken up with that most important of tasks, purchasing the Christmas Tree. Then I had my first riding lesson in Devon. I have ridden for about ten years, and have owned my own horse in the past, but not at the moment. I hadn’t ridden for 6 months, so it was quite hard work, and I am sure I will be very stiff and sore tomorrow.

This afternoon, as the light faded, we popped down to the beach for a stroll.


waveybeach small


The tide was in, and there were plenty of foaming white waves.




Apart from one very happy greyhound and his owner, we had the whole beach to ourselves.




It was just beautiful! On the short drive home, I had to stop and jump out of the car to capture the stunning sunset.




Then it was home for a hot drink and a good long rest!


nighttime house small