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Caught on camera

We have a camera trap, or trail cam. It is waterproof, and straps to a tree, and is triggered by motion. We have left it in one spot at the far end of our garden for a couple of weeks, and these are a selection of the best photos. The night time shots are blurry due to the difficulty of taking photos at night without using lights which would scare off the animals. I think it is exciting to see what happens when we are not there.


blackbird feb 16

deer day feb 16


fox feb 16


Jay jan 16


Pheasant feb 16


Squirrel feb 16


Two dder night feb 16


There were quite a few pictures of deer, with a maximum of four in one shot. Most were a bit of a head, or a backside, or a blur of fast-moving shapes. I am still waiting for a group shot of deer grazing in daylight. That would be very nice!

Caught on camera!

I have mentioned before that we get red deer in the garden. Their tracks are everywhere, and some of the shrubs show signs of nibbling. We have only caught glimpses of them actually in the garden, but have seen them in the field at the back.

We set up a camera trap just after Christmas, in the hope of getting some photographs of the deer and any other wildlife passing through. For the first few weeks we only had pictures of branches waving in the wind, me trudging to and from the bonfire, and a fuzzy squirrel. But there were also fewer fresh deer tracks. We think that our new scent and increased garden activity has deterred the deer to some extent. But then…


2016-01-30 Red Deer Cropped and tweaked


Not the best shot, I know, but definitely a red deer. We will hopefully get better pictures in the future.

Our twelve female pheasants are still visiting us every day, pecking around under the bird feeders. But now that Spring is approaching they are getting pestered by this chap.





He chases them round in circles, but they are currently not interested. Personally I think he is rather handsome. I bet he would be tasty too 😉



Getting to know the neighbours…

Our human neighbours are all lovely, but of much more interest to me is the wildlife that lives in and around the garden. Apparently pheasants are reared locally for shooting, but every day more and more of them are finding that our garden is not only a gun-free zone, but comes with free food!



I keep finding small holes and tunnels in our slate garden walls, which I am assuming make safe, dry homes for small mammals of some sort.




It is very obvious that we get large numbers of red deer in the garden. There are tracks everywhere, as well as nibbled shoots. Precious new plants will have to be protected! This hydrangea has been stripped.




We have caught glimpses of them, but are yet to get a good view of them. These tracks below are just made by deer!


deertracks small


Last but by no means least, this chubby chap is a regular visitor, and remarkably undisturbed by my presence!