A few Home Improvements

We have starting making improvements to the house this year, starting with a whole new heating system last May.



We ripped out the old, noisy and smelly oil-fired boiler, and the unsightly oil tank, and replaced it with an air source heat pump. It is cheaper to run, more environmentally friendly, and less unsightly. The house stays pleasantly warm day and night, and we are very pleased with it so far. We need a really hard winter to give it a proper test, but I am sure it will cope.

Next on the list was to rip out the extremely dated bathroom, and replace it with a more modern suite with an over-bath shower. We had a local firm of builders do the entire job, and we are very pleased with the result. I wanted a soft, natural, spa-type feel, with matt finishes and neutral colours, and it is a such a pleasure to walk in there now.




The last little job was the front door. An extra-wide half-glazed softwood door, it was badly warped, letting leaves blow in and heat escape. The large window gave little privacy, especially as the bedrooms are downstairs. We had a nice hardwood door custom-built, with a smaller viewing pane, and think it looks very smart.



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