The daffs are late…or were they early last year?

This is our second winter in this garden, and they couldn’t be more different. Last winter was mild and wet, with few frosts and rain most days. This winter has been drier, but with many heavy frosts, some lasting all day. The differences really show in the garden.

Firstly, many perennials such as Alchemilla and Crocosmia remained green last winter, whereas this year the leaves went brown and mushy in December.




This photo was taken today of my earliest clump of daffodils, and I have an almost identical picture take last year, but a whole month earlier, in early January.




The difference in timing is not so great with the snowdrops – they may have been only a week or two earlier last winter. But they do seem to be in greater numbers this year.

My camellia is in full bloom, and also seems more floriferous, but it seems to have grown significantly over the year, which would account for that.




So I think that this is a more normal spring, and that the mild weather last year accelerated the growth of many bulbs, but particularly the daffodils.

I find the early spring such an exciting time of year, with new flowers peeking out every time I go in the garden, and fat buds appearing on the shrubs. The witch hazel and the shrubby honeysuckle have fragrant flowers to search out and sniff, and the hellebores are unfurling their dangling blooms. I must cut some and float them in a bowl of water so that I can admire them.




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