One project finally finished

We have a new path! It starts under my rose arch…



..and crosses the bare patch left by removal of a huge patch of Rosa rugosa.




As the ground was already bare soil, we decided to level this section of path. Eventually we would like all our paths levelled – it would make walking much easier. In the spring we will sow grass seed to cover this all with lawn.

Then the path runs across the central meadow area, which has been cut down for winter, but will be long, swaying grasses next summer. The far end of the garden has been left to grow long to encourage a variety of wildlife, and we have strimmed a new path through this area too.




So now there is a long path, and more importantly a view, from near one end of the garden to the other. Hopefully next spring it will all green up and look inviting. In the mean time, levelling the path left us with the problem of many barrowloads of soil…but luckily another of our problems was very uneven grass in the orchard. So one problem has helped solve another.




Once again, it just needs seeding in the spring. I did manage to get some grass seed on the lower area of the bare patch, so that is greening up nicely, and looks so much better!




The autumn colours continue to astound me. This is a small cotoneaster bush…




The Beech trees in front of the house have nearly dropped all their leaves now, which have been laboriously swept up and stored to turn into leaf mould. Spring here may have been all yellow and green with all the daffodils, but autumn is definitely orange and crunchy!









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