What a beautiful Autumn!

Devon is just glorious at the moment. Every day I wake to blue skies, sunshine, gentle breezes, and gorgeous autumn colours. The leaves are late with their colour this year, as it has been so mild, but we have had one or two nights with a touch of frost, and gradually the greens are turning to yellows, oranges and reds. But that is not the only colour change going on. My hydrangeas are all changing too. The clear blue flowers are ageing to deep, dusky pinks. The purple flowers are now a lovely wine red, and my white paniculata variety is a pretty strawberry pink.




My dwarf pampas grass obviously liked the extreme haircut that I gave it this spring, as it has come back with a lovely collection of flowers.




My favourite spring shrub, Corylopsis, is looking great in autumn too, with a lovely show of buttery yellow leaves.




I have been working hard in the garden, digging out and levelling a new path. So for a bit of light relief I put a new edge on my new rose border. This is how I get a smooth curve on a border, by using a hose to lay it out first.




Result – a nice neat curve. Just a couple of miles of border edge to go…




We stopped for a coffee break this morning, and sat out in the garden and just listened to the peace and quiet. Coal tits were quietly wittering away in the tree above us and ravens flew overhead with their deep kronks. And then a peregrine flew over, checking out the garden for prey. Fabulous! I love my garden!




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