Developments in the garden



Just before I went away on holiday, our new shed was finally built, and I am very pleased with it. There is plenty of room inside, but I am sure it will fill up very quickly. The next job is to make a ramp to the door, and to paint it a simple dark brown so that it blends in nicely and is less obvious from a distance.

We have also made two chicken wire pens for dead leaves, to rot them down slowly for leaf mould. I am a bit worried though by the sheer quantity of leaves that are coming off our beech trees…will the pens be big enough?




Ah well, we can always build two more.

The most exciting news is that we now have a potager, surrounded by 6ft deer fencing, so that we can grow some fruit and veg next year without feeding all the local wildlife. It now needs the turf off and some basic terracing done over the winter, so as to be ready by the Spring. More work!




My dear husband did say ‘When is the tiger arriving?’…

With all these new additions, the bottom end of the garden is looking very business-like. Now we just have to decide if that business is a garden or a zoo!

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