Wildlife update

The garden is still amazing us with the variety of wildlife that visits. The bird feeders are constantly covered in finches, and both sparrowhawks and kestrels come visiting to try and catch their dinner. Buzzards circle overhead every day, and tawny owls can be heard after dark. Today I was pleased to see a spotted flycatcher.

We are running our moth trap regularly, and still catching new species.




This huge moth is a Poplar Hawk Moth, caught a couple of weeks ago. You can see the size of it as it clings on to the egg box that we place in the trap for the moths to hide in. These moths have a characteristic resting position with their hind wings pushed so far forwards that they protrude in front of the larger forewings. Below is another photo once it was released onto a tree, showing a flash of the rusty brown colour on the hindwing.




Today we caught another new species for the garden, a frosted orange. This is an autumn flying moth, from late August onwards, so it is newly emerged, and very smart it was too. About thumb-nail sized.


Frosted orange


We haven’t had much time to look for other invertebrates, and hopefully will spend more time next year on beetles in particular, as we both made studies of them at university, many years ago. But we have see a few without trying, including this stunning Spotted Longhorn Beetle that came in and sat on our log basket.


Spotted Longhorn Beetle


The deer have been absent all summer, which the neighbours tell us is normal, and they should return in the autumn. But the rabbits have done what rabbits do best, and multiplied! There are now quite a few of them all over the garden , but they do seem to be mainly eat the grass at the moment, not my precious plants. Thank goodness! Must buy some chicken wire before next spring, to protect any new plants. (Or shoot all the rabbits…)




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