Sunset in Ilfracombe

I am a bit restricted as to activities at the moment as I have a slight knee strain, but yesterday I was getting a touch of cabin fever, so we decided that a gentle stroll on level ground would do no harm.

Ilfracombe was buzzing with holidaymakers in convivial mood, despite the chilly evening. Down a back street near the sea, this ‘teenage’ herring gull was calling for its parents to feed it, despite looking quite grown up enough to fend for itself, and wasn’t scared off by us at all.




We explored some areas along the seafront that we hadn’t explored before, and ended up by the harbour for the obligatory delicious ice cream (caramel for me, pistachio for him).




And joy of joys, the fudge shop was still open, so we were able to buy a little bag each (Jack Daniels flavour for me, salted caramel for him).




We watched the sun set, then meandered back slowly, absorbing the atmosphere.




A very pleasant evening, and one to be repeated, I am sure.


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