Cracking Crocosmias

Crocosmia sprigs


I seem to have at least 4, possibly 5 types of Crocosmia in my garden, and they are all looking fabulous! Biggest and boldest is C. ‘Lucifer’, which is early flowering, tall, with pleated leaves, and upright facing red flowers.


Crocosmia lucifer collage


My favourite! I have plenty of clumps of it, but some are growing through and under shrubs, so I need to move them into the open. I also have a tall, upright facing rich orange one, possible the species Crocosmia masoniorum, or a variety of it.


Crocosmia masoniorum collage


This one is new to me, and is gorgeous. I only have one clump of this, so might try and divide it. I also have a smaller slightly pinkier red form, with flowers that lift sideways, but aren’t as upright as the above forms, that I really don’t know what it is. Answers on a postcard…


Crocosmia small red collage


Then there is the Crocosmia of which I have the most. I have clumps of it everywhere. It is most likely the common garden montbretia, Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora, with downwards facing flowers, but it is quite vigorous, and a very bright orange.


Crocosmia collage


The only thing that makes me doubt it is common montbretia, is that I have a shorter, paler form, which is more like the one I used to have. Is that paler form something else, or is it the common one, and all my dark orange ones some other variety? I really don’t know. Most likely they are the same, and just growing differently in different microclimate within the garden. This is the pale one, and you may not be able to see a difference, but it is fairly obvious in the garden.


Crocosmia pale collage


Well, whatever they are, they are all gorgeous, and make good cut flowers, so my house is full of orange flowers!


Crocosmai flowers


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