A summery summary

The last few weeks have flown by so quickly, with days away visiting family and friends, and plenty to do in the garden. It is amazing how much the floral palette has changed in just a couple of weeks.




In early summer, borders were filled with low billowing mounds of pink and purple hardy geraniums, white oxe-eye daisies, with plenty of acid green Alchemilla mollis. Now those are mainly finished, and instead the taller, late summer perennials have taken over, including crocosmias and Japanese anemones.




There are around 12 clumps of Japanese anemone, with attractive purplish foliage, and the most lovely rich pink double flowers. I am relieved, as some are less attractive, with smaller, paler pink flowers, and to have so much of something a bit dull would have been a shame. But no, they are gorgeous. And its a good job too, as from previous experience I know they have very deep roots and are nigh on impossible to dig up!




I also have one large clump of  very pretty Veronicastrum, with lovely whorls of leaves and tall flower spikes. It has flopped a bit in the recent rain, so it might be getting the ‘Chelsea Chop’ next May. Some late-flowered perennials can benefit from being cut down by half in late spring, which produces a shorter, sturdier plant, but with later, smaller flowers.




Some of my many hydrangeas are now in flower, although the ones we cut hardest are still sulking. I only have one lace-cap, which is a shame as I much prefer them to mop-heads. But at least, with my acid soil, it is blue!




Some of the mop-heads are also blue, and a lovely clear blue too – no muddy in-between colours here!




And the rest are a rich purple.




One of the paniculata type hydrangeas is also flowering profusely, and is a delight!




I am very pleased with the buddleias, mainly, as some of them have amazingly large flowers in rich shades.





I also have a white one, which could be ok in the right place, which is not next to a rather nice white Hebe, above a bed of a white Lysimachia. Why??? Something will have to move.



So the flower border is looking very pretty, (if you don’t look too closely…) but I do now have to start cutting back all the early flowers which have finished, which will be a big job. Another big job…

We are making progress towards a new shed at the far end of the garden, as the one near the house is not large, and really only a potting shed. We have had a base laid on the only level patch we could find, and now we just need to order one. Exciting!




Bye for now!



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