Cooling down on a scorching hot day

Finally we have some proper summer weather, with blue skies and temperatures in the mid twenties. We have had sunny days earlier this summer, but there has been cooling winds. We have had hot spells, but usually only for an hour or so. Today was properly hot.

We sent the morning removing all the boxes from the garage, which had been thrust in willy-nilly on moving day, and putting them back in an organised fashion. Hot work, only made possible as it was in the shade of the house. So by mid afternoon, I was melting, and snuck away for a couple of hours on the beach.




The car park behind Woolacombe beach is only ten minutes by car from our house, and by driving to the far end one can take a path down through the dunes to the quiet centre of the beach, far away from the crowds at the Woolacombe end.




It is also a long way to the less busy but still popular far end called Putsborough Beach.




I did have to share the beach with one or two others, but it was still pretty fabulous for July. The tide was nearly in, and the water was really warm having come up over the roasting sands. Ok, maybe not actually warm, but I walked straight in, and only gasped a couple of times as the waves splashed my hot skin.




Normally a fabulous surfing beach, there were only a few waves today, and it was quite calm, making it excellent for swimming. I spent ages in the water, and didn’t get chilled at all. I do love to swim in the sea, but I also love to bodyboard, so whatever the sea state, I am always happy!


IMGP3942 IMGP3958 IMGP3971 IMGP3973


Returning to my towel, I roasted gently in the sun for a while to dry off. Bliss! Can you spot my towel in between all the other people on the beach…?




Quite a nice view to admire…




Sadly I had to drag myself away after a couple of hours, but I shall be back soon. Preferably with some company next time – who fancies a day on the beach?



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