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It was always our plan to move to a place with a proper village centre, and not one dominated by rental cottages and tourism. West Down is just perfect, apart from being 1 1/2 miles away, but as we proved today, it is perfectly walkable. The village is at the far end of the valley in which we live, with a wind farm some distance behind, so not affecting the village in any way. We are quite proud of the amount of green energy that is generated around here, in fact.




Today was the village fete, so we walked over after lunch to see what was going on, and to support our community. There was a dog show, a karate demonstration, a Zumba class, live music, pony rides, and all the normal stalls one would expect, all taking place on the Community Field. This is a recent acquisition by the village, enabling events such as this to take place, and also housing some allotments, and a playground.




We had a locally made ice cream (almost a daily occurrence…), chatted to the lady I work with at the shop, bought a lemon verbena plant from a man I know from the Gardening Club, bought WI marmalade from a lady I go on the walks with, played (and won) the Human Fruit Machine, one of whom I ride with, and had a drink at the bar with a couple who I know from tap dancing and Hubby knows from his walking group. We have only been here 7 months, so I think that shows that we are making an effort to join in with the community.

We had a wander around the village on the way home. This is our pub, where we have eaten once – must go again…




Here is my little community shop, where I volunteer for two hours on a Wednesday afternoon. It sells everything!




It was a very pleasant afternoon, and we returned home down a different lane, and back up a private track owned by our neighbours, through the woods to the end of our garden. A nice circuit that would take about an hour and a quarter if there wasn’t a fete in the middle. Could substitute a stop at the pub next time though…



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