When the Boat Comes In

Today was the annual visit to Ilfracombe of a cruise ship full of American tourists. I expect she isn’t very large in the world of ocean liners, but she looked massive next to our little harbour!




Some 800 visitors are reported to have come ashore, some to be whisked off on coach excursions, and the rest to experience the charms of our quaint English seaside town. The tide was out, exposing our surprisingly clean harbour beach.




The quayside was busy with a mixture of Americans and plenty of the normal seasonal British visitors, plus locals like us come to enjoy the atmosphere.




There was a Morris dancing festival for entertainment, and a street food market as well, where we each tried something different for lunch. I had Mexican chicken nachos, which was delicious.




Followed, of course by a scoop of local toffee fudge ice cream. We had a thoroughly pleasant couple of hours, wandering through the town and watching the world go by. Not a bad way to spend time on a damp, cloudy day.






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