From winter to summer

We have been here seven months now – we arrived in winter, and it is now high summer. So it seems like a good opportunity to compare how the garden has changed. Many of these changes are just the seasonal differences, rather than due to our efforts.

The far end of the garden was all rough-cut grass when we arrived, and we have left most of it to grow long and mowed paths through. It makes it look completely different.


Bonfire dec 15 and july 16


Bottlebank dec 15 and july 16


The ferns have all grown large and luxuriant, as shown in the pictures of the bank alongside our lane, and of the sunken garden outside the downstairs windows.


Bank Dec 15 and jul 15


sunken garden dec 15 and jul 16


The main border is now smothered in flowers, mostly geraniums and Alchemilla, but it does look nice.


viwe from drive dec 15 and july 16


main border dec 15 and jul 16


I have started to clear some of the plants to make way for more variety, as shows in this picture of the curved steps that lead up through the main border.


curvy steps dec 15 and jul 16


We have also cut down a fair number of mature shrubs and trees that were completely blocking our views. This group of evergreens were right outside one of the lounge windows. The garden looks much more open now.



Back of house dec 15 and jul 16


It will be interesting to see how much the garden has changed by next winter – not much, I would imagine, despite all out non-stop hard work.

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