What’s new in the garden this week.

While I have been out and about showing friends around our corner of Devon, the garden has been exploding with flowers and foliage.




Welsh poppies are popping up everywhere, and I can cope with weeds that are as pretty as this!




All the flowerbeds (and most of the patio!) is covered with large leafy mounds of hardy geraniums in shades of soft pink and purple. But in one border is a very special variety, which really stands out for its vivid magenta flowers. I believe it is ‘Ann Folkard’.




I have a passion for Heucheras and Heucherellas, and bought quite a few nice specimens at the Malvern Flower Show last month. I have cleared an area that was just covered in Alchemilla, and planted them along the edge of the path, with three different Penstemon behind to add some height to the bed, and some larger flowers. It should give me colour all year round.




My sister was kind enough to give me two large box bushes that she didn’t want, and that she managed to pot up and keep alive. I have planted them at the end of the driveway, to demarcate the corners of the drive, and I think they look like they have always been there. I have clipped them into neat cubes, and the bare patches will soon infill with new growth. We took cuttings from them and intend to add a low hedge between the two cubes.




The garden is changing so fast now, that I must get out and take some pictures to contrast with the ones we took when we first arrived. If only I wasn’t so busy weeding…


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