Gushing rivers, dappled woods, tumbling waterfalls, and a tea shop…

This walk has it all, and more. Starting at Lynmouth, we walked up one side of the East Lyn river, admiring the water gushing past the tumbled boulders.




Taking the fork signposted ‘woodland walk’ took us up the slope and through some beautiful dappled woods.




The songs and calls of wood warblers, a bird only found in western woodlands, were easily heard, and one smart male even flew to a low perch so we could watch him sing.




The steep slopes opened out above us to a thinner wood with a grassy carpet under. Soon the path descended back to the river.




The river then splits into two, and at the junction of the three sections of river is Watersmeet.




There is a lovely National trust tea room, which serves excellent cake.




There are interesting paths along the other branches of the river, to be explored another day.




There are also some nice small waterfalls and cascades.




We returned to Lynmouth down a path on the opposite side of the river, and had excellent views of a heron, dipper and grey wagtails.




The path was just as beautiful, and lovely and cool on a hot sunny day.




I think this is my favourite walk. Nothing to do with cake, of course…



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