Beach views

The sun is shining, the countryside is green and lush, and we have been showing friends around our little corner of Devon. The jewel in the crown of this area is the beautiful sandy beaches, but the best views of the beaches come from high up on the cliffs, not down on the beaches themselves, so we headed to the National Trust headland of Baggy Point. The walk to the point is one I have written about before, here, but this time we continued on around the headland and made it a circular walk.

The hedgerows and verges are getting more colourful every week, and I loved this stretch with the pink Red Campion flowers and the fuchsia pink spikes of Gladiolus byzantinus.




Once we rounded the headland the long stretch of Woolacombe beach appeared in the distance.




The paths were easy underfoot, with gradual gradients for the most part, passing through rolling green pastures. This was the view behind us.




As we approached the end of the beach, named Putsborough Sands, the views became stunning!




As you can see, it gets busy at half term…..To be fair, it was mid morning, and the beaches always fill up more during the afternoon, but the beach is so vast that there is always a quiet area in the centre, as the main access points are at the ends.




After a drink and an ice cream in the café by the beach, we meandered back over the headland and returned to the car park via a network of sheltered lanes and pathways.

It was a very enjoyable morning walk, with the best views we have had yet of the best beach in the country.



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