Exploring Exmoor Zoo

While my daughter and fiancée were staying with us last week, we took a trip to Exmoor zoo, which is less than 30 minutes drive from us. My daughter has kindly allowed me to use the photos she took.

It is a pleasant little zoo, on a sloping site with a central lake, landscaped with plenty of bamboos and other exotic looking plants. They have all the usual crowd-pleasers such as meerkats…








Giant tortoises…








They have a good collection of different species of storks and cranes…




as well as lots of smaller stuff such as parrots, and this rather smart blacksmith plover, who had the most adorable little chicks.




They do have some unusual animals that I have not seen before, including these Papua New Guinea Singing Dogs




There were plenty of cute monkeys and marmosets, and lemurs like this ring-tailed lemur




Cats seem to be a speciality, with cheetahs, fluffy sand cats, caracals, fishing cats, and their most advertised animal, the black panthers.




Like most zoos these days, they emphasize the part they play in conservation, and are part of may rare breed breeding programs. There was information to read, even if some of it was a few years out of date…

They hold some talks every day, and there is a list of feeding times, mainly in the morning, none of which we went to.

An enjoyable afternoon, with plenty to do on another visit.



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