Spring days and Spring tides



We have been enjoying some lovely spring weather, with one particularly fine misty, dew-covered morning.






Once the mist cleared, then we had a fine sunny day, much enjoyed by the rabbits, who dozed in quiet corners.




We have also been having very high spring tides, and went down to Ilfracombe one morning to find that the water in the harbour was almost up to the level of the road!




Round the other side of the town, the Bristol Channel was putting on a fine show.




I have been plant shopping again, and am working hard to keep up with the planting. This is a lovely strongly scented spring shrub, Viburnum burkwoodii ‘Mohawk’.




I have planted it next to the path that doesn’t exist yet, along with three yellow grasses, Acorus gramineus ‘Ogon’, and three blue spring perennials, Omphalodes cappadocica ‘Cherry Ingram’.




I started to level off the path, and now just need to put some stones down and tidy up the two ends. I am pleased with the area, and just need to keep on top of any regrowth of the suckering shrub that was there before.




We are going to Lundy on Tuesday, for a short holiday, staying in a cottage, and I will take some photos to show you all when I get back.

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