Spring comes to Ilfracombe

The first really nice day of Spring always used to happen on or around my friend’s daughter’s birthday, the 8th March (Happy Birthday Alex!). This year it is two days late, as we had rain on the 8th, and gales on the 9th. But today, the 10th March, has been perfectly calm, with clear skies and buckets of fairly warm sunshine. At last!!

To celebrate, we took a stroll up Hillsborough, which is the headland to the East of Ilfracombe, and which gives stunning views down over the harbour and town.




Ilfracombe town is not a particularly special place, but the harbour is a delight. With its two little hills sheltering it from the Bristol Channel, it is a naturally sheltered harbour, with a sandy beach at the end.

The hill we walked up has a prehistoric hill fort on it, with two very obvious earthworks to protect it.




It is a fairly steep climb up to the top, but then the path descends down the far side, then loops round to return, taking only an hour or so. A lovely stroll .




The views from the top are worth the climb.




The air was clear enough to give a reasonable view of the Welsh coast, although it doesn’t really show in the photo!




Walking down and around, there are also great views over Hele Bay, the next bay around the coast to the East.




On our return to the car we passed a superb Spring sight – a patch of lesser celandines in full flower.




Much less commented on than snowdrops, or bluebells, they are nevertheless a lovely Spring treat.



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