Caught on camera

We have a camera trap, or trail cam. It is waterproof, and straps to a tree, and is triggered by motion. We have left it in one spot at the far end of our garden for a couple of weeks, and these are a selection of the best photos. The night time shots are blurry due to the difficulty of taking photos at night without using lights which would scare off the animals. I think it is exciting to see what happens when we are not there.


blackbird feb 16

deer day feb 16


fox feb 16


Jay jan 16


Pheasant feb 16


Squirrel feb 16


Two dder night feb 16


There were quite a few pictures of deer, with a maximum of four in one shot. Most were a bit of a head, or a backside, or a blur of fast-moving shapes. I am still waiting for a group shot of deer grazing in daylight. That would be very nice!

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