A need for sea air

I have just spent a pleasant week ‘back home’, visiting relatives and friends. Nice as it was, I breathed a huge sigh of contentment when I passed the Devon county boundary on the way home. In just a few weeks I have become very accustomed to the quieter way of life here. Today I felt a need to go to the coast, to breathe in the salty air and to hear the sound of the waves. To reassure myself that it is still there, I suppose, and to fill my senses.




So I took a detour on the way to the supermarket, and went for a stroll on my favourite beach. This is Barricane Beach, just to the North of the huge long stretch of Woolacombe Sands. In contrast to its giant neigbour, it is a narrow sliver of a beach, and it is not even sandy…




It is almost entirely made of crushed shells. Here on the high tide line, you can see the larger, mostly complete shells that accumulate , but the smaller particles are also shells, just finely crushed. For some reason, the current just happens to wash them all up into this little cove.




The rocks here are sculpted by the waves into fantastic shapes, and there are many large and small rockpools to explore.




The tide was quite low this afternoon, so I was able to walk round the end of the rocks onto the vast expanse of sands in the next bay.




As I strolled around the beach, the tide rose just enough to seal off Barricane Bay…well, almost.




This little chasm leads back to the top of the beach, and is just wide enough to walk through. Good job I had wellies on.




It may have been a bit grey today, not very warm, and with a bite to the wind, but a walk on my favourite beach was just what I needed.



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