Another one for the mammals list!

Our mammals list for the garden is not huge – Red deer, squirrel, rabbit, fox. We hope to add hedgehog and maybe roe deer at some point, and there are definitely small mice or voles, but we are yet to catch a glimpse of them. But today we had a superb visitor – a stoat, and right by the house, no less.




It was interesting to watch him wiggle his way in and out of our log pile, popping his head up to check for danger, then disappearing again, only to emerge somewhere else. They are just so flexible. This is what we love about living in the countryside; being surrounded by such a wide variety of wildlife.

Our one big fat rabbit is now two big fat rabbits, so who knows how quickly they will produce lots of little rabbits. The stoat could come in very useful in keeping them in check, as they love a rabbit or three. I may love wildlife, but I don’t want all my precious plants nibbled by rabbits!

I am away for the next week, visiting family, so won’t be rambling on about Devon until I get back. Talk to you then!

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