Progress in the garden


arch b & A 2

I have now removed the tumbledown rose arch, which opens up a lovely view of the bank beyond. Ok, there’s not much planted on that bit, but give me time…I do like a garden centre visit! The other news is that the biggest of my three thickets of Rosa rugosa has gone. We paid the local gardeners to do it, as it was a massive undertaking. Hard to believe this all grew from a small clump of plants…


rugosa patch b & A

They have dug out most of the major roots, but there is still the odd bit that needs doing. And being the thug it is, it will regrow from all the little bits that are left. The plan is to leave this vast area fallow, and spray off any regrowth this year, so that hopefully it can be grassed next year. It has really opened up this central area of the garden, so I am very pleased.

New bulbs are popping up everywhere, and the snowdrop glade is a real picture.




The mini daffs are now appearing in unexpected places, and adding to the show.




I treated myself to a Christmas rose (Helleborus niger) the other day, as it is a lovely variety with flowers that lift up to face you, not droop down.  It is planted by the path to the shed where I can admire it every day.




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