The West Down Lady Walkers…


Today I went for my first walk with the West Down Lady Walkers. I have no idea why us ladies of West Down are not allowed to walk with our menfolk, who have their own West Downers Mens Walking Club. Maybe it is because we did only 5 1/2 miles today, and they tend to do at least 8. Good luck to them!




Now five miles back in Hertfordshire is a nice mornings walk. not too arduous, maybe take 2 hours or so? We were not in Hertforshire. We walked up, and then up some more. There was the odd level bit, then a lot more up. A little bit of down was followed by a very long section of up! Don’t get me wrong, it was all very pretty, with moss and ferns everywhere.




There were a very respectable twelve of us, not bad for a little village club (the men can only muster five members) The walk took us from the Hunters Inn at the top of Exmoor (see here for a previous walk in this area) along a river valley to where a lovely patch of wild snowdrops were flowering.

Photo of snowdrops


We passed gurgling streams and rushing torrents.



Then the walk wound up and up out of the valley onto the tops, with lovely views.





By now I was wondering how a walk could be almost entirely up with no down. And then when we returned to the valley where we started, I understood. The Inn was almost directly below us in the bottom of the valley, and we had a very steep descent to get to our lunch! A pint of local cider slipped down very easily after nearly three hours of walking.





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