A short stroll before dinner

One of the many reasons we moved to North Devon, and the main reason we bought the property we did, is the proximity to the beautiful coastline. I love the sound of the waves and the fresh sea air, as well as the stunning views.

So after a busy day doing chores, when you feel the need to ‘get out’ and clear your head, you go for a walk, don’t you? To the park, or around the lake, or in the forest. Well, we can go to the beach.




And, despite the gloomy skies, stiff breeze and spots of rain, our stroll along the sands and back through the dunes was just lovely. There was the odd hardy surfer bobbing beyond the breakers waiting for ‘the big one’. One or two families were walking their happily wagging dogs. But there was plenty of space for everyone, even at high tide. At low tide, the sea recedes almost out of sight, creating a vast playground of hard sand for riding, kite-flying, cricket games, and the most elaborate of sand creations. But today it was just a place of solitude for the locals.



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