A change in the weather…finally!

It has actually stopped raining in Devon. We had a mainly dry weekend. Unfortunately we were not in Devon, but had gone North to visit family. In the North it was snowy, so not only did we miss a dry weekend, but we slipped and slid about on icy pavements. And the M6 is not nice on a Friday even in good weather, and it was awful in snow. But we did enjoy the break, and the company, so returned to our rural idyll refreshed and ready to work.




An apology here for forgetting to take a before picture. But if you look closely at the lane, can you see the dark area on the left, reaching about a quarter of the way across the lane? That was where the mat of soil and dead leaves was hiding the tarmac. Three barrow-loads later, and we have a wider lane. Well, near the house, anyway. The whole lane could really do with the same treatment, but it is half a mile long…

Today we woke to a heavy frost, coating the garden with grey. Our hillside faces north, so although the winter sun puts in an appearance for a few hours, it is at a very shallow angle to the ground, so the frost didn’t melt all day. Not a day for weeding, so instead I had a bonfire. It is the first chance I have had, but it was still a bit of a struggle to light as everything was so cold. But once it was going, I got a really good blaze, and managed to burn everything, including damp, leafy stuff. T’was a bit smoky though!




Following the bonfire, I had to put all my clothes in the wash, and have a quick shower, as this afternoon was my first shift as a volunteer in the local shop. It is a non-profit community shop in the heart of the village, and does a roaring trade in milk, bread, papers, pasties, after-school snacks, as well as being the place for a good gossip.  I enjoyed my two hour shift, and met a few new villagers, so it was a good experience. I am now officially Mrs Wednesday 2 til 4.

One last photo to prove that the sun does come out.



One thought on “A change in the weather…finally!

  1. Ooh, a local shop for local people, eh? What a great way to get out and meet people, as well as ingratiating yourself to the community.
    Can you walk to it or is it too far?
    Do you get a discount?

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