All about water…

I thought that a watershed was a high part of the country where rivers flowed down down each side in opposite directions, so when our new neighbours invited us round to see the watershed, I expected a long hike….Instead they took us to a shed in their garden where our water is filtered…the Water Shed! Our water comes from a borehole up the lane, via this filter system, and is soft clean, sweet, and pure. It is a joy to drink, but often comes out of the tap cloudy, due to a mass of tiny bubbles, which clear gently from the bottom to leave it sparkling and clear. It does throw visitors the first time you give them a glass!

As it is soft, I have no limescale, which is bliss after living in a very hard water area for most of my life. I am still getting used to not putting as much detergent in the washing up (big bowls of bubbles!) and in the washing machine (sometimes have to give it an extra rinse).

The shower is a joy: as the water pressure is high so it is like a power shower. Ok, I should mention here that the shower does leak from the valve, so less of a joy. It is also too old to be mended, and a non standard size so a bugger to replace….The plumber is returning next week, so we will see.

There is plenty of water outside as well. Today was a reasonable day, in that it was mostly dry during my morning ride, with just enough drizzle to give a superb rainbow. This afternoon I managed an hour or so of gardening. Fed up with all the destructive gardening that we have had to do, I actually planted a plant! We have a few hellebores here and there, and don’t yet know what colours they will be. But while at a garden centre last week, I found one called ‘Cinderella’, with a double white flower heavily spotted with pink. It looks delightful, so I treated myself with a voucher that I received for Christmas – thank you Aunty Anne!




I excavated a space for it next to a set of steps, where we will be able to see the flowers easily. As the bank is steep. I have dotted a  few stones on the bare soil, to try and prevent it washing away. I can’t wait until those fat white buds open!

And then the heavens opened, and the torrential rain drove me inside. I suppose all our lovely soft tasty Devon water has to come from somewhere!

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  1. Oh, think of all the money you’ll save, not having the replace the kettle every few years and using far less soap and washing powder!
    How long before the house pays for itself, I wonder?

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