Gushing rivers, rock scrambling, and cider in the sun

In other words, a walk down the Heddon Valley, in the Exmoor National Park. It is a lovely steep-sided, wooded valley, which runs from the Hunter’s Inn northwards to the North Devon coast.



On such a sunny day, we weren’t the only people enjoying the walk, but it wasn’t unbearably busy.




The river was very full as we have had rather a lot of rain, and it was mesmerising to watch.




The valley stays narrow right up to the coastline, where the river tumbles down the rounded boulders on the beach.




The tide was low, so there was a fair expanse of rocky beach, and we explored our side, clambering around the rocks to the newly exposed bits as the tide dropped. In the summer, you can happily hop across the shallow stream to the far side of the beach, but the water was flowing fast and deep today.




We then returned via a bridge over the river, and took the path up the far side of the valley




The Hunters Inn is perfectly placed for post-walk refreshments, and we even ate outside in the weak December sun. What a super winter walk!



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