Sunset Stroll

We have been here over a week now, and today was the first day it didn’t rain! There is a reason Devon has green fields and lovely gushing rivers! This morning was taken up with that most important of tasks, purchasing the Christmas Tree. Then I had my first riding lesson in Devon. I have ridden for about ten years, and have owned my own horse in the past, but not at the moment. I hadn’t ridden for 6 months, so it was quite hard work, and I am sure I will be very stiff and sore tomorrow.

This afternoon, as the light faded, we popped down to the beach for a stroll.


waveybeach small


The tide was in, and there were plenty of foaming white waves.




Apart from one very happy greyhound and his owner, we had the whole beach to ourselves.




It was just beautiful! On the short drive home, I had to stop and jump out of the car to capture the stunning sunset.




Then it was home for a hot drink and a good long rest!


nighttime house small




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