Around the garden

We are still waiting to see our new garden in sunlight, but at least we had a dry afternoon. Friends visited, and we all had a wander around the estate. We have a bottle bank…


bottlebank small


We have some interesting neighbours…




With the help of our friends we managed to identify some of the plants. Those in leaf and flower I can usually work out, but winter twigs can be a bit of a challenge. We have a stunning Christmas tree, but I am resisting the temptation to deck it out with lights and baubles!




Next to it is one of my favourite conifers, Cedrus deodara, with its soft, drooping branches




A small camellia is covered in fat buds, promising a beautiful display soon. But in what colour, I wonder?




Some plants were in flower, out of season, either early or late, including this lovely pink azalea which is presumably early.


azalea small


This Abelia grandiflora has a long flowering season, so is presumably still flowering from the summer?




We also have several nice rhododendron specimens, all of which will be a surprise when they flower. I just hope they aren’t all the same variety!



2 thoughts on “Around the garden

  1. Wow, with so many mystery plants, there’s so much to look forward to! I bet the anticipation is killing you, though there must be plenty else to do in the mean time!

    I have never seen a bottle bank like that. I wonder what the reasoning is behind that.

    • It is certainly tantalising to see buds and shoots all around and not know what awaits…
      The bottles are I suppose a free building material. Not sure I will be making more banks like it though.

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